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Full set of Synthetic ammonia system for

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Full set of Synthetic ammonia system for
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The company has ammonia production capacity is 600,000 tons/year and methanol is 250,000 tons/year. It is divided into two systems and can be operated separately. Due to the upgrading of the ammonia system,the new installations is scheduled to be put into operation in June 2019,and the complete set of ammonia system currently will be sold. Now the equipment will be online auction processing in the near future. Interested parties can contact Mr. Chen +86 13319399057 or Miss Xiao +86 15170039260 to register, and then arrange to see the goods and bid. The main sections include: First,the atmospheric pressure fixed layer batch method (UGI) gas production section:UGI stoves with Φ2800,a total of 48 sets,15 sets of air blowers. Second,the semiwater gas desulfurization section: The wet method is used for desulfurization,the pre-tower and the main tower are connected in series,the pretower is an empty tower + an angle steel filler,and the main tower is filled with a step ring. 1# Desulfurization gas volume is 160,000 Nm3/h,and 2# desulfurization gas volume is 110,000 Nm3/h. Third,the compression section The 1# system uses an electric reciprocating compressor,and the high and low pressure machines are separated. 8 sets of low-voltage machines,four-stage compression,four-stage outlet pressure 5.5MPa; 7 sets of high-pressure machines,secondary compression,secondary outlet pressure 22.0MPa. The 2# system uses a single electric reciprocating compressor with a capacity of 40,000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia,7 sets of equipment,seven-stage compression,and a seven-stage outlet pressure of 31.4 MPa. Fourth,the transformation section 1# system conversion pressure 2.2MPa,non-saturated hot water tower full low-variation process,processing gas volume 150,000 Nm3/h. 2# system conversion pressure 0.8 MPa,saturated hot water tower full low-variation process,the treatment gas volume is 120,000 Nm3/h. Five,shift gas desulfurization The 1# system has a design pressure of 2.2 MPa and a process gas volume of 190,000 Nm3/h. The 2# system has a design pressure of 0.8 MPa and a treatment volume of 145,000 Nm3/h. Sixth,decarbonization section The propylene carbonate decarburization process is employed. 1# decarbonization design pressure 2.2 MPa,treatment gas volume 185,000 Nm3 / h,2# decarbonization design pressure 2.75 MPa,treatment gas volume 145,000 Nm3 / h. Seven,fine desulfurization section After desulfurization,the total sulfur is <0.1ppm,and the T104 is used for desulfurization,and is connected in series at the outlet of 1# and 2# decarbonization systems. Eight,medium pressure alcohol,high pressure alcohol,high pressure alkane 1# system supporting high pressure alcohol,high pressure alkane design pressure 22.0MPa,high pressure alcohol tower DN1800,Nanjing Guochang company triaxial one diameter internals,high pressure alcohol treatment gas volume 105,000 Nm3 / h,high pressure alkane tower DN1400. 2# system with 12.7 MPa,DN1600 medium pressure alcohol two sets,with an annual output of 100,000 tons of methanol,designed medium pressure alcohol inlet gas volume of 115,000 Nm3 / h,supporting 5 reciprocating cycle machines. 2# high pressure alcohol,high pressure alkane design pressure 31.4MPa,high pressure alcohol tower DN1400,Nanjing Guochang two-axis two-diameter internals,designed high-pressure alcohol treatment gas volume 85,000 Nm3/h,high-pressure alkane tower DN1200. Nine,ammonia synthesis 1#Synthesis 22.0 MPa,Guochang DN2000 two-axis two-diameter tower and DN2000 full-radial tower in series; 2# synthesis 31.4MPa,Guochang DN2000 two-axis two-diameter tower; 3# synthesis 22.0MPa,ampoule two-axis two Diagonal tower. X. Methanol distillation Three-column distillation process. The rectification tower adopts a packed tower and is built with stainless steel wire mesh packing. XI,hydrogen recovery 1. The design pressure is 2.0MPa,and the treatment gas volume is 7000 Nm3/h. 2,design pressure 0.5MPa,treatment gas volume 10000 Nm3/h decarbonization flash steam hydrogen extraction 2 sets. Twelve,ammonia recovery The isobaric ammonia design process gas volume 5000 Nm3/h; high pressure net ammonia design process gas volume 10000 Nm3 /h,pressure 11.0 MPa. Thirteen,ammonia ice machine A total of 4 ammonia ice machines,the cooling capacity is 2541kw,of which 1# ice machine is driven by steam turbine,the inlet steam pressure is designed to be 2.2MPa,and the outlet back pressure is 0.6MPa. Fourteen,self-control level and main control plan A control scheme combining DCS control room centralized control and local centralized control is adopted.

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